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Where to buy saltwater corals




saltwater corals

Whether you are seasoned, or just starting on your saltwater fish’s journey. Saltwater aquariums are one of the most rewarding hobbies of any fish enthusiast.

No saltwater tank is complete without this amazing creature. But, just like purchasing any of your fishy friends you need to learn about what they need to live and thrive in your tank. I’ve provided a shortlist for you of five (5) beginner-friendly coral species, that will not only live up to their amazing expectations of grandeur but provide your fishy friends with natural hiding places.

5 beginner-friendly corals:

  1. Star Polyps (Pachyclavularia spp.)

This inexpensive and widely available perennial is a perfect first-time coral as it’s virtually indestructible.

  1. Leather Corals (Sarcophyton spp.)

This larger mushroom-shaped coral is a beautiful centerpiece for any reef tank.

  1. Bubble Coral (Plerogyra sinuosa)

This stony coral is among the most popular and the hardiest of the corals. As long as this coral doesn’t brush up against hard surfaces (as it will tear its delicate polyps), or in a direct water current, it’s maintenance-free.

  1. Trumpet Coral (Caulastrea furcata)

Wanting a bit of color in your saltwater tank? Then Trumpet coral is the perfect choice for you. This tough coral typically comes in hues of green and blue.

5.Open brain coral (Trachyphyllia geoffroyi)

This coral is one single, huge, fleshy polyp rather than several smaller collections. Its favorite places to sit are in the substrate of the tank and it doesn’t mind lower light levels. Making it a great option for those bare places.

When researching the species of saltwater corals for sale you’ll want to keep in mind these key components.

Water flow – Some species of coral are sensitive to how fast the water moves around them

Location – Delicate species of coral should be placed in locations were they will not be jarred around by active fish

Water quality – each species of coral require specific water conditions in order to thrive.

Lighting – To much light and you’ll scold your beautiful coral, not enough and they will not be able to survive.

6 best websites to find saltwater corals for sale:

  1. Austin Aqua Farms –

– Located in Austin, Texas this coral farm offers the markets best coral.

  1. Great Ocean Wonders –

– They offer a huge selection of limited Edition, Rare and Exotic corals for sale.

  1. –

– Specializing in all types of coral from Small polyp stony (SPS), Large polyp stony (LPS), soft corals, Zoanthids, Gorgonians, Mushroom and “Frags” (Fragments of larger coral)

  1. Vivid Aquariums –

– They have not only coral but everything your hearts desire for saltwater aquariums.

  1. Salty Underground –

– Bringing you the highest quality live coral.

  1. AquaCorals –

– The largest Tank raised soft coral aquaculture in the US.

Saltwater tanks, with regular care, are one of the most rewarding hobbies. But unlike their freshwater counterparts saltwater fish keeping is not only more expensive but also requires a strict maintenance regiment. If you are new to saltwater fish employing a saltwater expert will save you time, and money in the long run. They will help you pick out everything you need to fulfill your saltwater dreams, and make your tank the envoy of everyone in town.

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How to remove the fear of your pet when visiting a vet




Play vets at home

Pets across the world dread visiting the vet. Like us at the dentist, they cower in the waiting room, and can you blame them? Pets don’t understand that heading here is for the greater good. As such, they’ll do whatever necessary to avoid it at all costs!

The trouble is that regular vet visits are fundamental to ongoing pet care. You can, of course, eliminate their regularity with proper care and quality pet food as offered by companies like Barking Heads for ongoing pet health. Sadly, even if your four-legged friend is healthy and happy in every other way, you’ll still need to take them along to the surgery for vaccinations, deworming, and the like fairly often.

If you’re fed up with dragging them unwillingly through, then it’s past time that you addressed this fear with the following vital pointers. 

Play vets at home

Remember when you used to play vets with your teddies? Well, it’s time to do the same with your real-life pet. In many cases, pets develop vet aversions simply because visits involve handling that they aren’t used to. To help, play vets at home, or at least put them on the table and acclimatise them to handling that’s similar to what they experience at the vet. This way, it won’t come as such a shock to the system next time a real visit is necessary. 

Don’t just go to the surgery for treatment

If something terrible happens every time you head to your veterinary surgery, it’s no wonder your pet’s a little reluctant to visit. Avoid this escalation of anxiety by visiting the surgery for a variety of other reasons. It may be that you head in with your pet to book appointments from now on instead of phoning. Or, you may start buying some of the toys or foods on offer in most vet receptions. You could even head in to make use of the scales usually supplied in the waiting area. Either way, get your pet used to coming here for good reasons, and they might forget to feel frightened at their next appointment.

Pair vet visits with something nice

Rewards are also an efficient way to make scary things seem better, and you may find that pairing vet visits with something nice is yet another way to remove the fear. Okay, you can’t exactly bribe your dog with promises of a nice walk if they behave themselves, but repeated behaviours stick. Your dog probably won’t mind their examination as much if they know from experience that their favourite things will follow fast behind. Of course, your pet won’t always be up for exertion after every appointment. If they are, though, be sure to make the most of it.

Nerves and vet visits often go hand in hand, but that needn’t be the case. By addressing the issues in the ways mentioned above, you could soon find that your pet’s the only one looking pleased in the entire waiting room next time around.

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