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Handy Looks at Shocking Theories About the Illuminati




The Illuminati’s enigmatic nature has plagued mankind throughout the course of history. Also known as the Bavarian Illuminati, the group first appeared outside of South Germany in 1776.

It started out as a congregation of believers intent on countering religious and spiritual doctrines along with other superstitions. However, rumors speculate that they have taken an interest in other global matters, affecting them in unforeseeable ways. In this article, Handy intends to shed some light on these theories. Let’s take a look at some of their discoveries.

The Theories

  1. The Disparity Theory – According to the Disparity Theory, the Illuminati intends to maintain the economic gap between the rich and the poor. For a group that started out as a force to fight superstition and religious doctrines, this seems to be a huge leap. It is believed that they accomplish this by manipulating the marketplaces so that people cannot rise above a certain level of wealth. The modern banking system is based on early banking technologies.

According to this theory, it only grants us a sense of possession while the Illuminati control everything from the shadows and their prosperity. It is the Illuminati who decide which economy grows or crashes, which stock falls or rises.

  1. Suppressing Technology – Paul Hellyer had been the Canadian Minister of Defense from 1963 to 1967. He later confirmed that he had dealings with the Illuminati and learned of their advancements in technology. Hellyer states that the Illuminati is already in possession of a weather-controlling device and that it is of extraterrestrial origin.

Claims of the Illuminati’s existence is disregarded in some of the more prestigious sections of society. However, Hellyer is a well-known individual who was once in contact with some of humanity’s elite personalities. How can the words of such a personality be disregarded?

  1. The Space Delusion – The Space Delusion Theory regards the Illuminati as more of a guardian figure. It is believed that they established contact with an alien species which for some reason confined humanity to the globe. If humanity broke the embargo by venturing out into space, the aliens would destroy the planet along with its inhabitants.

In an attempt to avoid mass hysteria, the Illuminati is believed to fake all images of space explorations to give the impression that we have already discovered the confines of the Solar System.

  1. The Illuminati Music Industry – Music affects the human soul in unforeseeable ways. From mood changes to personality alterations, music has a unique way of impacting the human psyche.

Researchers believe that somewhere around the beginning of the 20th century, the Illuminati infiltrated the music industry. It was an attempt to push forth their doctrines and beliefs through pop culture music. Famous singers such as Lady Gaga, Kanye West, Jay-Z, and Madonna have been accused of being harbingers of the Illuminatarian school of thought and it is a possibility.

There is nothing natural about Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance music video.


These are just a few of the many spheres of humanity where the Illuminati is believed to play an active role and thanks to Handy, we are now a bit more aware of their possible exploits.

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Should You Serve Alcohol At Your Wedding Reception? Here Are Things To Consider




Alcohol At Your Wedding Reception

Alcohol is pretty much expected during a wedding reception. From the traditional toast to the open-bar setup, serving booze is a tried-and-tested way to make your special day even more awesome for your guests. However, as what Gettysburg PA catering companies can attest to, many couples find it challenging to ace this aspect of their reception.

If you’re one of these couples, we will help you get out of trouble as we give you seven things you need to take into account when serving alcohol at your wedding reception.

The time of day you are holding your wedding. Some people who are tying the knot in the morning or during lunchtime totally opt-out for a dry wedding. But to cater to that notion that weddings aren’t complete with booze, you can still serve “light” alcohol like mimosa and a bloody mary.

Your booze budget. When creating your budget plan, it’s important that you allocate something for your alcoholic beverages. And make sure you stick to it once you’re actually executing your plan. You also have to relay it to your Gettysburg PA catering company so they will know what to recommend to fit best in your budget without compromising the quality of their products and services.

Your guests and attendees. How many are attending? How many among those people are huge fans of alcohol? Depending on this data, you can work and decide smartly on how to serve your drinks. Will you just offer a signature cocktail? Or will you set up an open bar? For how long will your open bar be open?

Your caterer’s services. First off, you’ll need to hire a Gettysburg PA catering company that can actually offer the services you want for your special day. Hire them in advance and as mentioned, coordinate with them about the set-up you want for your wedding reception booze.

The types of alcoholic you will be serving. Like what we’ve stated, the time of your wedding hugely affects your booze offering. If you are holding it late in the afternoon with your reception taking place early in the evening, your attendees will expect that you will be serving relatively “harder” alcoholic beverages.

The option for guests to bring their own bottle. Some couples allow their guests to bring their own preferences when it comes to alcoholic drinks. This is also one way to decrease your booze expenses. Just make sure that you’ll still offer something to those who can’t afford to bring their own drinks.

Keeping an Eye on Tipsy Guests

At the end of the day, it’s your responsibility as hosts to make sure that your wedding runs as smoothly as possible.

But to tell you the truth, it’s not impossible to have someone within your circle who can get a little bit “wild” or tipsy after drinking alcohol. This is why many people recommend couples not to invite that someone to their wedding day at all. If it’s someone so important, you can ask your wedding coordinator and close guests to help keep an eye on that specific guest.

Are you planning a themed wedding or party? If you need amazing food that goes well with your team, contact our team at Altland House Catering & Events today for Gettysburg Pa catering!

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Know about the significance of Sindoor and Choora




A Hindu marriage is known for a sacrament and not a contract and to signify its importance; fire is kept as a witness and offerings are made. The Hindu wedding has a lot of rituals and traditions that form significance in the life of the couple as well as their family. Some rituals become a part of the bride for the whole or some part of their life after the wedding, and some of those rituals are:

  1. Choora (Bangles)

Choora is a custom based ornament that a bridal has to wear and is considered to enhance her beauty for the special occasion of her marriage. It is a set of 21 bangles, mostly of multi red and ivory color (sometimes white or pink as the main colour). Her maternal uncle offers to the bride when the girl’s mother invites him for the marriage. It is considered to be a blessing from the maternal uncle for the girl to have a happy and loving married life ahead. This choora ceremony is held on a day before the wedding in the morning. The duration for which the bride wears Choora varies from 40 days to one year and is generally taken off by the husband only. In Punjabi families, a bride never takes off her choora before one year, and in case the colour starts to fade, the in-laws have to get it re-colored. Then on any auspicious day usually Sakranti, the bride takes off her choora after a small intimate ceremony and wears glass bangles. Later the choora is taken to a river (typically holy waters) and is left to float onto the water. It is also considered that for as long as a bride wears a choora, she is refrained from doing any heavy domestic work because the hoora is made of fragile material and is thus considered the time when she has to settle with the new family. This custom is observed in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh in India.

  1. Sindoor (Vermilion)

Sindoor is a red or orange colored powder that a woman must apply along the part of their hair after she gets married. It is made up using turmeric, cinnabar and lime. Traditional sindoor was generally made up of turmeric and alum or lime, not poisonous red lead.

Sindoor is also claimed to control a woman’s blood pressure and help her to keep her mind active. It has different meanings according to various aspects that are stated in Hindu mythology, although the most common is that a woman has to wear a Sindoor until her husband is alive. The sindoor, for the first time, is put by the husband during the wedding in the hair parting of the bride and thus maintaining the purity of the Hindu Matrimony. It is a mark for the married woman in Hinduism. For a belief to Goddess Parvati, it is also considered that putting Sindoor protects the husband from all the evils and keeps the couple together. It can also be called as a prayer for a safe and long life of a husband. The use of Sindoor indicates that a woman is married.

  1. Mangalsutra (necklace)

Mangalsutra (also meaning a holy thread) is a necklace made up of golden and black beads and is a tradition as well as a cultural trend too. Sometimes white or red beads are also added to the Mangal-sutra depending on regional variation. The groom puts the mangalsutra to the bride in a ceremony called Mangalya Dharanam during the wedding. It is a social practice common in countries in Asia like India, Sri Lanka and Nepal. The black bead signifies the protection of the couple from all the evils or evil eye and blesses them with a long married life. It holds utmost importance for a Hindu bride and is claimed to control body pressure and regulate blood circulation. According to the religious customs and societal expectations, a woman (married) has to wear a mangalsutra all her life as it is believed that wearing it enhances the well-being and life of her husband.

A Baniya Matrimony includes different and varied customs and traditions for the big auspicious day of marriage with a lot of religious and cultural beliefs. But most integrally, putting sindoor, choora and mangalsutra are significant parts for a marriage completion and even with changing time, these three are given the utmost significance.

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