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Handy Looks at Shocking Theories About the Illuminati




The Illuminati’s enigmatic nature has plagued mankind throughout the course of history. Also known as the Bavarian Illuminati, the group first appeared outside of South Germany in 1776.

It started out as a congregation of believers intent on countering religious and spiritual doctrines along with other superstitions. However, rumors speculate that they have taken an interest in other global matters, affecting them in unforeseeable ways. In this article, Handy intends to shed some light on these theories. Let’s take a look at some of their discoveries.

The Theories

  1. The Disparity Theory – According to the Disparity Theory, the Illuminati intends to maintain the economic gap between the rich and the poor. For a group that started out as a force to fight superstition and religious doctrines, this seems to be a huge leap. It is believed that they accomplish this by manipulating the marketplaces so that people cannot rise above a certain level of wealth. The modern banking system is based on early banking technologies.

According to this theory, it only grants us a sense of possession while the Illuminati control everything from the shadows and their prosperity. It is the Illuminati who decide which economy grows or crashes, which stock falls or rises.

  1. Suppressing Technology – Paul Hellyer had been the Canadian Minister of Defense from 1963 to 1967. He later confirmed that he had dealings with the Illuminati and learned of their advancements in technology. Hellyer states that the Illuminati is already in possession of a weather-controlling device and that it is of extraterrestrial origin.

Claims of the Illuminati’s existence is disregarded in some of the more prestigious sections of society. However, Hellyer is a well-known individual who was once in contact with some of humanity’s elite personalities. How can the words of such a personality be disregarded?

  1. The Space Delusion – The Space Delusion Theory regards the Illuminati as more of a guardian figure. It is believed that they established contact with an alien species which for some reason confined humanity to the globe. If humanity broke the embargo by venturing out into space, the aliens would destroy the planet along with its inhabitants.

In an attempt to avoid mass hysteria, the Illuminati is believed to fake all images of space explorations to give the impression that we have already discovered the confines of the Solar System.

  1. The Illuminati Music Industry – Music affects the human soul in unforeseeable ways. From mood changes to personality alterations, music has a unique way of impacting the human psyche.

Researchers believe that somewhere around the beginning of the 20th century, the Illuminati infiltrated the music industry. It was an attempt to push forth their doctrines and beliefs through pop culture music. Famous singers such as Lady Gaga, Kanye West, Jay-Z, and Madonna have been accused of being harbingers of the Illuminatarian school of thought and it is a possibility.

There is nothing natural about Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance music video.


These are just a few of the many spheres of humanity where the Illuminati is believed to play an active role and thanks to Handy, we are now a bit more aware of their possible exploits.

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How is Tobacco Used These Days?




How is Tobacco Used These Days

Tobacco is one of the products of nature gained by agriculture through leaves of plants. Tobacco further produces two things, nicotine, which is used for medicines and organic pesticides. United States, Cuba and China are one of the biggest producers of tobacco. It has good uses but mostly tobacco products are seen to cause too many people as they are used in smoking, snuffing, chewing and many other ways.

Using these tobacco products can cause cancer, for example smoking can cause lung cancer, and chewing tobacco can cause mouth cancer and so on. These things surely can be harmful but some people sell discount tobacco products like cheap cigarettes and other things, these discount tobacco products can put the life of people in more danger as they would use cheap quality or no filter at all and the quality of such things would be low as well.

If a person is addicted to tobacco then he must make sure to buy the best quality products. You can now buy cheap cigarettes online which will be of great quality. Avoid getting yourself the low quality one and buy from authentic website. We must not believe on every false advertisement that we see online these days.

This article will further tell you about the types of tobacco, they might not cover all, as there is no limit to it:

Aromatic fire cured – in US this is grown in central Kentucky, Virginia and middle Tennessee.

Brightleaf tobacco – it is also called Virginia tobacco, even if they are planted elsewhere.

Burley tobacco – this type of tobacco is most commonly used in the production of tobacco.

Cavendish – this is more of a method than an actual type of tobacco. This type of cutting and processing induces a sweet taste in tobacco.

Criollo tobacco – this is one of original Cuban tobaccos, found during the time of Columbus. This is type of tobacco used in the making of cigars.

Dokha – this tobacco originated from Iran and is used for smoking midwakh.

Turkish tobacco – this tobacco is also known as oriental, and was found during the Ottoman Empire. This tobacco is currently grown in Bulgaria, Greece, and Macedonia and of course Turkey.

There are so many types of tobacco available in the market as discussed above that makes everyone confused. Whether you are a regular smoker or smoke for recreational purposes only, it must feel a headache to go outside every time you want to smoke. Yes, you can buy from the shop available at your corner block but it is not necessary that they have that same type of tobacco that you want. Also, you are not sure whether it is the quality one or the low quality one. So why not get them delivered at your doorstep that is exact type that you want as well as it’s the quality one. Yes, it is best that you buy them online at affordable price and exactly deliver at the comfort of home.

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Yandy Smith Shows Love To Rising Film Producer Corneil Mcintosh




Film Producer Corneil Mcintosh

VH1’s Yandy Smith showed loved to rising film producer/director Corneil Mcintosh on Youtube. You guys have to watch the video and get familiar with Corneil Mcintosh, he owns a production company based in Miami, CEM Digital which operates two major platforms @cemtvnetwork and @cemtvmagazine. The platforms generates $30-40k yearly, with only advertising. Wow! Check @corneilmcintosh out

Yandy Smith is an entertainment manager and entrepreneur. She was born in Harlem. In 2004, she graduated from Howard University and interned at Violator under the mentorship of Mona Scott-Young. In 2005, Yandy met Jim Jones on a private jet charted by Russell Simmons, and left Violator to manage him full-time. In 2006, Jim approached VH1 executives to make a reality show about him, leading to the filming of an 11-minute presentation tape, Keeping Up with the Joneses, produced by Stefan Springman and Toby Barraud of Eastern TV. VH1 were unsure if audiences would be invested in the concept full-time, and Yandy approached Mona to retool the show, and the concept was tweaked to include Jim’s girlfriend Chrissy and her circle of friends, becoming what would be later known as Love & Hip Hop.

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