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How To Buy a Trucker Hat?



Richardson 6 Panel Hats


You know that icky ring that gets around the top of a hat from sweat? That ring that looks black and icky. When that ring gets out of control then it is time to get a new hat. But how do you know what kind of hat to get? Trucker hats are comfortable, stylish and can help keep the sun out of your eyes. Whether you are a trucker or just don’t want to do your hair consider these tips on how to buy a new hat.

Consider the Fit

When it comes to trucker hats, they are not all alike. There are a few different things they can have to enable a good fit. The flex fit hats have a type of spandex in the material that helps them stretch. There is also elastic in the band that helps fit and stay on your head. This is perfect for people who may be in between sizes. Another great fitting technique is a trucker hat with a sizer in the back. It is a plastic strip that you can size up or down like a belt. This can help you get a good fit. These hats also have a hole in the back. They are super hand if you have a lot of hair and need a hole to put your hair. All these different ways to size a hat makes them easier to fit to your head. Try a Richardson 6 Panel Star Hats if you are looking for a tight-fitting and nice-looking hat.

Consider What its Made From

All hats are made a little differently. There may be a different mix of cotton and spandex. Along with that, some trucker hats have a mesh back. This is great for getting extra air flow for cruising in a hot truck. However, the mesh back hats can let a lot of sun in and sunburn your head if you are bald or light haired. So if you are looking for a hat to protect you from the sun you may want to consider a full back trucker hat. It is just another difference that can make a hat a better fit for you. Richardson 6 Panel Star Hats are made from high quality cotton and spandex. They are perfect if you are needing a hat that repels sweat and water. Their ingredients within their hats are sure to impress you with how long they last and how nice they stay.

Consider What’s on it

It is super common for companies to put a logo on a trucker hat. This helps rep their company by their logo just riding around on someone’s head. Along with this, some people like certain brands of hats. Just like how some people like different brands of shirts or pants, you have to find the right brand of hat that you enjoy. Richardson 6 Panel Star Hats are super comfortable but also come with many different logos. You could even buy the super comfortable hats and have your own logo put on it. They are high quality and long lasting hats.


At the end of the day, not all trucker hats are alike. It is important to find one that fits comfortably on your head and that you enjoy wearing. Try a flex fit if you are needing a tighter fit. If you have a lot of hair that you would like to be able to put out the back of your hat then consider a button back hat. These are all things to think about when you are picking your next trucker hat.

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How To Make Your Look Leggings Chic And Stylish




How To Make Your Look Leggings Chic And Stylish

When it comes to chic or stylish wear, leggings are not something that comes to your mind first. But if you want something both stylish and comfortable, then leggings are the way to go. If you know how to style your leggings the right way, then you can create a lot of funny looks.

In this style guide, we will help you style your leggings and make it look chic. Whether you have ladies pink camo leggings or all-black leggings, we can help you style it the right way. So without wasting time, let’s get started.

Style Tips For Leggings

Here are some tips to style your leggings the right way.

  • Go all black

If you want a sleek and sexy look for the evening, then we would suggest you go all black. This is probably the most favourite leggings look that is even loved by celebrities.

Get your black pair of leggings and pair it up with a stylish black crop top. To make it look chic, you can wear a long length black jacket or shrug over it. For accessories, you can wear just a pair of nice black or white sneakers and you are good to go.

  • Denim is the best

For those who are all about the casual and street look, you can pair your black leggings with oversized denim. This will give you a very casual girly look for the day.

A white crop top and black leggings look great. But with an oversized denim jacket on top, it will look the best. To look more intense, wear a nice pair of glasses.

  • Cropped hoodie look

You must have seen many of the celebrities carrying this look outside the Starbucks or Airport. This is one of the basic and simple leggings look you can go for.

All you have to do is wear a cropped hoodie with your leggings and that’s all. Along with that, a pair of sneakers is enough to complete the entire look.

  • Style it up with a fancy jacket

If you have an evening party to attend, then this fancy jacket look will work best for you.

Get a fancy jacket and wear it with your leggings. However, make sure that the jacket is a fitted one. Inside the jacket, you can wear a vest if you want. But if you are bold enough to go without it, then good for you.

These looks are sure to grab a few attention when you hit the streets.

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Mobile Phone Cover and Cases – A Trending Accessory at Ounass




Originally produced for the protection of your phone, mobile phone cases and covers are now one of the most trending accessories. If you’re in the UAE and are looking for some of the coolest and trendiest phone covers and cases for your mobile phones such as iPhone and Samsung, then the best place to shop is Ounass. At Ounass you will be able to find top brands such as Gucci, PRADA, Jimmy Choo, Stella McCartney, Alexander Queen, and Dolce & Gabbana. You can use the Ounass coupon to get some amazing discounts on these top luxurious brands.

Silicon Cases

The silicon cases are one of the most common cases types in the mobile phone categories. They are famous for their long-lasting quality and durability. Not only do they last long, but they also provide the utmost protection to your phone from the back and corner sides. They ensure that your mobile phone remains scratch less and also shockproof in case it falls because of hand slip. At Ounass you will be able to find some amazing silicon cases from Dolce & Gabbana and Off-White in some amazing designs. These designs are gender-neutral and can be an amazing fit for your iPhone. Use an Ounass coupon to get a discount on these amazing silicone cases

Flip Covers

Flip covers are the best phone cases there is in the market. Not only they protect your phone from all the sides and back, but it also provides protection to the front side, which is the phone screen, and avoids scratches in case your phone is left idle. At Ounass you will be able to find some cool flip covers for your mobile phone from the brand Stella McCartney. These flip covers are available in black, pink, grey, and other colors with different prints and designing on them so that they are suitable for all genders, adults, and teens. You can use the Ounass coupon to get discounts on these flip covers for your iPhone.

Phone Case Bags and Holders

Phone case bags, or also known deer cases are trending in the women fashion category these days. These small bags are made exactly in the size of your phone and have a leather or metallic chain attached to it so that you can hang it by your shoulder, just like a sleek long shoulder bag. With different designs from Alexander McQueen and Stella McCartney, you can get one for any formal or casual occasion. If you only want to carry your mobile phone to an event, then carrying a whole bag for it will be useless, hence it is better to invest in Phone Case bags. With the Ounass coupon you can also purchase phone holders that serve the same purpose however doesn’t have a belt attached to it.

Leather Wristlet

The latest style in mobile phone cases is the leather wristlet. This little pouch bag like phone cover has a small band on its side which can be worn on the wrist and then you can carry this bag like a clutch in hand. At Ounass you will be able to find many designs from top brands, make sure to use the Ounass coupon to get a discount.

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