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Know about the significance of Sindoor and Choora



A Hindu marriage is known for a sacrament and not a contract and to signify its importance; fire is kept as a witness and offerings are made. The Hindu wedding has a lot of rituals and traditions that form significance in the life of the couple as well as their family. Some rituals become a part of the bride for the whole or some part of their life after the wedding, and some of those rituals are:

  1. Choora (Bangles)

Choora is a custom based ornament that a bridal has to wear and is considered to enhance her beauty for the special occasion of her marriage. It is a set of 21 bangles, mostly of multi red and ivory color (sometimes white or pink as the main colour). Her maternal uncle offers to the bride when the girl’s mother invites him for the marriage. It is considered to be a blessing from the maternal uncle for the girl to have a happy and loving married life ahead. This choora ceremony is held on a day before the wedding in the morning. The duration for which the bride wears Choora varies from 40 days to one year and is generally taken off by the husband only. In Punjabi families, a bride never takes off her choora before one year, and in case the colour starts to fade, the in-laws have to get it re-colored. Then on any auspicious day usually Sakranti, the bride takes off her choora after a small intimate ceremony and wears glass bangles. Later the choora is taken to a river (typically holy waters) and is left to float onto the water. It is also considered that for as long as a bride wears a choora, she is refrained from doing any heavy domestic work because the hoora is made of fragile material and is thus considered the time when she has to settle with the new family. This custom is observed in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh in India.

  1. Sindoor (Vermilion)

Sindoor is a red or orange colored powder that a woman must apply along the part of their hair after she gets married. It is made up using turmeric, cinnabar and lime. Traditional sindoor was generally made up of turmeric and alum or lime, not poisonous red lead.

Sindoor is also claimed to control a woman’s blood pressure and help her to keep her mind active. It has different meanings according to various aspects that are stated in Hindu mythology, although the most common is that a woman has to wear a Sindoor until her husband is alive. The sindoor, for the first time, is put by the husband during the wedding in the hair parting of the bride and thus maintaining the purity of the Hindu Matrimony. It is a mark for the married woman in Hinduism. For a belief to Goddess Parvati, it is also considered that putting Sindoor protects the husband from all the evils and keeps the couple together. It can also be called as a prayer for a safe and long life of a husband. The use of Sindoor indicates that a woman is married.

  1. Mangalsutra (necklace)

Mangalsutra (also meaning a holy thread) is a necklace made up of golden and black beads and is a tradition as well as a cultural trend too. Sometimes white or red beads are also added to the Mangal-sutra depending on regional variation. The groom puts the mangalsutra to the bride in a ceremony called Mangalya Dharanam during the wedding. It is a social practice common in countries in Asia like India, Sri Lanka and Nepal. The black bead signifies the protection of the couple from all the evils or evil eye and blesses them with a long married life. It holds utmost importance for a Hindu bride and is claimed to control body pressure and regulate blood circulation. According to the religious customs and societal expectations, a woman (married) has to wear a mangalsutra all her life as it is believed that wearing it enhances the well-being and life of her husband.

A Baniya Matrimony includes different and varied customs and traditions for the big auspicious day of marriage with a lot of religious and cultural beliefs. But most integrally, putting sindoor, choora and mangalsutra are significant parts for a marriage completion and even with changing time, these three are given the utmost significance.

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9 Little Things You Can Do To Strengthen Your Relationship




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However, strengthening your relationship isn’t just about the big, fancy things. Because — like how another song says — little things do mean a lot. From giving couple ornaments to simply saying “I love you,” here are nine little things you can do to make your relationship stronger than ever.

Express your love — verbally. They say that actions speak louder than words. However, this doesn’t excuse you from verbally expressing your love for each other. Though most couples tend to say this less frequently as they grow older, telling the words “I love you” is something that can make hearts skip a beat no matter what a person’s age is.

Leave sweet notes. Made breakfast for your partner? Couple it with a note wishing them to have a good day. Doing things like this is a small way of showing your care for each other.

Give hand-written greeting cards. On special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries, take time to write out your message for your loved one. Going old-school does the trick if you want to express your sincerity effectively. You can also attach these cards to personalized couple ornaments to make it even more special.

Hug and comfort each other. When your partner is having a bad day, give them the embrace they deserve and the comfort they need. You can also give out hugs during unexpected times — it’s a great way to melt their heart.

Lend a listening ear. Your partner wants someone eager to listen to their stories, whether they are good or bad. When you’re lending an ear, do your best to show that you’re being attentive. And when they ask for a piece of advice, don’t hesitate to be honest about it.

Give small gifts. Gifts like customized couple ornaments go a long way. They can move hearts and be a long-lasting symbolism of the love that you share. Money invested in such things isn’t worthy to be compared with the joy you will get once your partner appreciates your gift.

Find a new mutual interest. Whether it’s exercising or biking or hiking mountains, having a new mutual interest is an awesome way to strengthen your bond. Do your research properly and ensure that both of you are enjoying your new hobby.

Help each other with household chores. If you want to spend little money yet indulge in an effective bonding experience, do household chores together. This is also an efficient way to clean your living space.

Go on date nights. No matter how busy you two are, never skip date nights. This is also applicable even if you already have kids. Allot time for yourselves and talk about different matters — matters that can range from trivial to heavier ones.

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