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5 roof care tips for winter



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Before the winter season approaches, you should confirm whether your roof is ready to resist the stressors of the season. The roof is the most important part of the home’s structure and therefore it demands special care. Water damages or molding can be hazardous for your roof during the winter months. To make your roof winter-ready, you should conduct a maintenance task before the winter makes its way. If you can maintain your roof in good condition during the winter months, then you can relax and enjoy your holidays without any stress. Roofing at Farmington hills Michigan is one of the best contractors who can help you in the whole process.

Tips for winter roof care

When the winter begins, you should keep a close eye on your roof and that would help you to avoid any kind of roofing emergencies.

  • Clean up the piled snow regularly– You should regularly brush off the piled snow from your roof. You can buy special brooms with long handles to clean up the roof. Piled snow locks the moisture on the roof’s surface and degrades the quality of the roof.
  • Remove the ice dams from the gutter– The gutter should always be clear so that it can make a smooth way for the molten snow. Many times the gutter is blocked with an ice dam. Over some time these ice dams get heavy can cause severe damage to your gutter and roof.
  • Watch out for ice dams and attic dam– Make sure you inspect your attic regularly for any signs of ice dams and moisture. Moisture is dangerous for your roof; hence, if you see any signs of seeping and dripping moisture, call the roofers immediately.
  • A thorough inspection is needed after storms– After every storm, you should assure that your roof is intact. Strong storms and high-speed winds can dislodge the bricks of your chimney and rip off the shingles. All of these can cause extreme roof damage. Hence, get an inspection done after every storm.
  • Get the minor repairs done– After the inspection, if any repairs are required; get it done immediately by the expert roofers. Any minor wear-and-tear on your roof should be attended to right away. This can prevent your roof from bigger damages.

There are various things that you can do to keep your roof safe and intact in winter. You just need to be proactive and get started as early as possible. Contacting the right professions with the right types of equipment is the best way to ascertain the health of your roof.

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