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Crowdfunding for leukemia



Crowdfunding for leukemia

Cancer is one of the most dreaded diseases that human beings deal with now-a days. Although medical science has been able to come up with very early detection methods of cancer, it has not found a cure. There are various treatments that doctors use for cancer and these treatments are all improving day by day as more research is done on the disease. But medical science is nowhere close to removing the mortality risk from cancer.

At the same time, treating cancer is very expensive. Those who do not have medical insurance find it extremely difficult to fund treatment for cancer. They may try to take bank loans which they will pay back for years. Depletion of savings is another option that people who do not have medical insurance try. However, the advent of cyber culture and the explosion of online commerce has presented them with a new option: crowdfunding or medical fundraising.

Crowdfunding is the process by which many people contribute small amounts to a cause and achieve a large target amount. Crowdfunding has been a common method of funding treatment for a long time but has reached new levels of popularity thanks to the internet. There are plenty of crowdfunding platforms offering their services. Some of these ask for a service fee and some do not. The kind of platform you choose depends on your requirement. Since treating cancer is expensive, cancer crowdfunding has become very popular.

Leukemia is one of several blood cancers. It is essentially a cancer of the bone marrow that disturbs the production and lifespan of the red blood cells of the body due to the excess of white blood cells. Leukemia is likely to affect people over the age of 55 however, it can affect children too. In fact, leukemia is one of the most common cancer found in children. Children with leukemia need special treatment and care. People at risk of developing leukemia include smokers, carriers of HIV and HTLV-1, people who have been exposed to chemotherapy before. A common household product that has been correlated with incidences of leukemia is hair dye.

If you have been diagnosed with leukemia, your treatment would be decided by your doctor after a thorough examination. Depending on where you are being treated, your treatments costs can vary. Costs can range from anything between 2.5 lakhs and 20 lakhs. However, you need not shell the entire amount out of your own pockets. Similarly, if you do not have this amount, you can start crowdfunding for cancer treatment. It is easy and relatively simple. However, it will require a certain degree of persistence:

  1. Start a fundraiser on a crowdfunding site of your choice. Make sure that your chosen platform provides you with a campaign manager. We recommend Impact Guru because of their diverse range of experience with cancer crowdfunding.

  2. Once you have chosen your platform, you have to write your fundraiser. Make sure your fundraiser is clearly written and explains your problem to your audience. To substantiate your fundraiser, upload pictures of your medical documents and if possible a photograph of the patient. This gives credibility to your claims.

  3. Have a team ready to back you up. These people will help you with publicizing your campaign. Your team will also help you with the day to day work of the campaign. Hence, they need to be dedicated.

  4. If you think one fundraiser is not enough to raise the kind of money you are looking at, you might consider starting support fundraisers and asking others to share them. This way, you reach a greater number of people and have access to people from different social circles.

  5. You should contact other survivors of the illness who are financially stable and hence, can contribute to your cause.

There are other ways to raise money for medical crowdfunding. However, this is a basic list with which you should begin. Remember that despite all the hard work, medical fundraising is still low risk and zero investment and therefore a good option.

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