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Is the Law After You?



Law After You

Ever get the feeling when out and about that law enforcement might be looking for you?

Such a feeling can create a fair amount of angst for most people. In fact, it can make life downright nerve-wracking.

With that being the case, you should take the time to find out if in fact there are eyes trained on you.

Use the Internet to Get You Started

In trying to determine if law enforcement might be searching for you, the Internet is a good start.

For example, do you have one or more unpaid traffic tickets? What about a circumstance where you committed a crime and never showed up for your hearing. Those and other instances could mean authorities are searching for you.

If this is the case, doing a warrant search is in your best interests.

That said there are companies online that can help you with getting such information. By giving them your personal info online, you are closer to finding out if you are in danger of an arrest.

Now, stop for a moment and think about how an arrest could complicate your life.

Among the potential problems if you have a criminal record and a possible arrest in the offing:

  1. Work – How embarrassing would it be if you end up with an arrest warrant at your place of business? Not only could co-workers take a different look at you moving forward, but you could even lose your job. Given your need for a job to pay your bills, an arrest at work could make life rather difficult. Moving forward, it could be a challenge to find new work if you in fact end up with a criminal record.
  2. Family – If you are in the process of a divorce, an arrest can make life a challenge. In the event you have children, a court could view your arrest as problematic. This means there is potential for you to not get joint or even full custody of your children moving ahead.
  3. House – If you are trying to rent an apartment or a room, having a criminal record can also make this a challenge. Even if your record is unpaid traffic tickets or not having paid child support, a landlord may not rent to you.
  4. Driving – Last, if you think there is a warrant out for your arrest, it can make you a little nervous when out in public. As such, will that impact your driving abilities? If you are looking over your shoulder when driving, it can lead to the potential for a serious accident. If this happens, your life gets worse.

While you may never have intended to let a traffic ticket or other issue with the law go unattended, you’re now there.

By taking the time to go online and do a warrant search, you will at least know what you could be up against.

So, is it time to research what is going on in your life?

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What Exactly is a Lien?




What Exactly is a Lien

You may have heard the term before, a construction lien. But when you are unfamiliar with this, filing for one can be complicated. Before diving into the process, speak with an experienced Arizona Construction Attorney to help you.

The Basics

Let’s start with the basics. First, what exactly is a construction lien? This is a claim made against a property, usually by a contractor, subcontractor or other professionals who worked on the property, that has yet to receive payment. Just like with most things, the laws surrounding these liens differ from state to state.

Arizona Lien Laws

In Arizona, a 20-day preliminary notice on all liens being filed is mandatory. Under Arizona law, the notice must include the contract’s estimated amount that they are seeking. Most liens filed are protected up to 120 percent of the estimated amount listed. A notice is sent by the contractor or supplier of a construction project to establish the right to file a lien. If the bill is paid after the notice and before the lien is filed, no further action is needed.

When it comes to deadlines, a notice of completion needs to be filed and is a document that is filed after the completion of a construction project to shorten the filing deadline for a lien. This must be signed by all parties involved and needs to be served to all claimants within 15 days of filing. If a notice of completion has been filed, the deadline to pay off the bill is 60 days from the date when the notice of completion was filed. If a notice of completion has not been filed, the deadline is 120 days from the completion of the project as a whole.

In the state of Arizona, to enforce a lien, it must be done within 6 months from the date recorded on the lien. If this is not done, then the lien expires. To initiate enforcement of the lien, a Lis Pendens notice must be recorded within 5 days of filing. This is a document that is recorded with the county recorder that notifies the public of a certain property that is subject to litigation that might affect ownership of the property.

Other Lien Requirements

To file a successful lien, it must be done by a contractor, subcontractor, suppliers of materials, architects, engineers, surveyors and other professionals who provided services to residential or commercial property and didn’t receive payment.

Also, there must always be a valid and working contracting between the two parties involved. Most states require a lien notification and also have other certain laws surrounding construction liens. In Arizona, a written contract that includes full details of the construction project including an estimate must be signed by all parties to file a lien. Also, any suppliers of suppliers to the project are not entitled to filing a lien.

Working with a Construction Attorney

The lien experts at Murphy Cordier PLC can provide you with the legal advice and guidance needed to successfully file a lien. The team can help you with recording, perfecting and enforcing liens. They will be responsible for receiving all documents that go along with a lien like preliminary notice requirements, timetables, stop work notices, and lien foreclosures.

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When is a Bicycle Accident Lawyer a must?




Why You Need Bicycle Accident Lawyer?

Riding a bicycle can be a very pleasant activity. Either for exercising or to go to work, bikes are a very common means of transportation. Enjoying a ride, feeling the sun and the air in your face and being present in the moment is sometimes interrupted by a more unpleasant and many times dangerous action: a crash.

Maybe that car turned too fast, or the driver was texting and didn’t see the biker, or perhaps they were speeding. There are so many causes and variables related to a car and bike crash that the best thing to do is to have a lawyer available for this type of situation. Each year the number of bikers increases as more people want to try and use a bike to go from home to work. But, as the number of users increases, the number of accidents increases as well.

Common causes of bike accidents

Young car drivers seem to be the ones most involved in car-bike accidents. These are some of the most common reasons studied so far:

  1. Not respecting the space of the bicyclists: Cyclists have to use their lane, and if there isn’t any, they have to go to the right. But sometimes, drivers do not respect their space. Many don’t consider bicycles as a vehicle, and this is a fundamental part of the problem.
  1. Texting while driving: This is a major mistake. Some people think that just because nothing has happened yet, they are somehow prepared to text and drive. The truth is that while texting, the attention of the driver is divided and the road goes to second place. It is impossible to look at the screen and read a message and also pay attention to the road.

    Basically, our brain is not designed to look at two things at the same time and with the same attention.

  1. Careless driving: In this case, the driver is careless in general terms. He or she is not following the rules and drives without paying attention to the rest of the elements around him or her.
  1. Running stop signs: The car driver thinks nothing will happen if they run this stop sign. But the driver thought the car was going to stop. And the catastrophe arrives. You can learn more here regarding the causes and consequences of bicycle accidents.

Why should you call a bicycle accident lawyer?

Each state has a set of standards and legal protection for cyclists. This makes a car and bike crash a very serious matter. If the biker is injured or if he or she dies, a lawyer is a person that should immediately deal with the case. Cyclists share many rights with other types of motorists. Medical bills and other expenses related to the injury caused by the car accident have to be covered by the one that was responsible for the accident.

Common accident injuries

Cyclists are the ones that face higher risks when riding their bikes in traffic. The protection a bike offers is minimal, and this is why car drivers must pay close attention to their surroundings.

  1. Road rash: This happens when the skin hits the car or the road surface while still moving. It may be necessary to remove dirt and other debris from the skin.
  1. Fractures: Arms and legs are the ones mostly affected. If the biker is properly using a helmet, his or her head might have some extra protection.
  1. Facial injuries: Broken teeth and eye trauma can be present after an accident with a car.
  1. Chest injuries: Ribs are prone to being fractured if the crash happens at enough speed. Car doors opened abruptly can cause some of these injuries.

After a bike accident, you must have a lawyer who informs you about the case and gives the authorities his client’s version of the case. Medical attention has to be paid for by the at-fault motorist, and this is something an experienced bicycle accident lawyer can obtain damages for.

Maybe you don’t ride a bike, but you know somebody who does. If you care about this person and want to know more about the legal rights of cyclists and how to proceed if involved in an accident, contact a professional attorney.

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