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The Best Times of Year to Visit London for an Extended Holiday



London enjoys a mild climate, which means that it can be visited around the year. Moreover, it full of fun activities around the year, allowing visitors to enjoy the best offers at any time. Spring is a little mild but wet. Autumn is mild at the start but gets cold as you approach winter. Summers are warm with lots of outdoor activities taking place. Finally, winters are cold but there several spectacular activities that happen around the festivities and into the New Year.

The best time to visit London for an extended stay depends on several things such as the events, climate and cost. This article looks at each of them to help you make a decision.

Spring: March, April and May

Temperatures average between 110C and 150C in this season, making it great for daylight tours, although you would still need some warm clothing and an umbrella. However, this is the best time if you would like to enjoy the glamour of the Easter holidays. There are two weeks of great shopping offers, festivities and a visit to many of the attractions. However, you may experience reduced service in public transport and available shops between Good Friday and Easter Monday.

Summer June, July and August

Temperatures during summer range from180C to 300C. The city comes alive with lots of outdoor festivals, live performances, park visits and adventures such as hiking and camping. If you love to explore the outdoors around the city, enjoy some refreshing beer at the rooftop or watch a live football game at one of the many stadiums, summer is the season for you. However, beware that schools are closed and everyone else is out there having some fun. Therefore, it is best if you book your accommodation and places of interest early to avoid the long queues.

Summer is also the time to visit the Royal sites. The Buckingham Palace State Rooms tours are available from late July to September. Clarence House, which hosts Prince of Wales, is open for touring in August. You can also enjoy the change of guard at Buckingham Palace in June.

Autumn: September, October and November

The summer festivities slow down from mid-September as the city enters autumn Temperatures are between 110C and 1500C at the start but may drop as it nears the end of the year. It is a beautiful period to visit the city for the Halloween season, Totally Thames season and enjoy the pre-Christmas offers. You can also book your accommodation at discounted offers.

Winter: December January and February

London is quite cold during the winter season at temperatures of between 20C and 60C. You can still enjoy much of what the city has to offer if you keep warm. The nights at the city light up at night for the better part of December thanks to Christmas decorations and lights. There are several indoor activities taking place across the city as people gear up for the holidays. There is no public transport on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day.

January and February are generally quiet as people get back to working mood after the festivities. It is a great time to enjoy discounted offers on items, accommodation, short lets, places of interest and restaurants, Art galleries and museums are quietest at this time and provide great times for visitors to learn.

Any time can be the best time to visit London. It all depends on the major attraction that brings you to London. If you are staying here for extended periods, consider a time where you can capture as many activities of interest as possible.


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