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WordPress advantages and disadvantages



WordPress advantages and disadvantages

WordPress is the most popular CMS or content management system across the globe. WordPress due to the unlimited number of themes and plugins and user-friendliness is the first choice for bloggers and the majority of website owners.

Like other tools and services, there are advantages and disadvantages associated with WordPress. It is worth being aware of the pros and cons, if you are planning to build your own website, so you can make a wise decision to use WordPress or not, before signing a contract with a web design company in Dubai.

What are WordPress advantages?

Let’s firstly go through the advantages of WordPress as a Content Management System.

     1.Wordpress interface is user-friendly

WordPress offers an easy to use interface that makes it easy to build a website without having coding skills. You can install WP on your computer, build your profile and develop your website by ready to use themes and plugins.

  1. WordPress offers access to an endless number of plugins and themes

There are a wide range of themes in WP that users can choose from to build their own website. On top of that, all kinds of features that a website might need is available as a ready to use plugin. Themes and plugins that are offered by WP, makes it unessential to have coding skills for website development purposes. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you are planning to choose web design for construction companies or you are looking for a website for a home appliance store, in any case, WordPress has attractive options for you.

  1. WordPress provide whatever it takes to design a SEO-Friendly website

WordPress offers many SEO optimization tools. The CMS not only provides valuable support to identify appropriate keywords for your website, but also offers a wide range of SEO optimization plugins that makes optimizing your website for SEO quite easy.

  1. WordPress is very flexible

WordPress is very flexible in terms of integration. It can be integrated with almost all social media platforms. High flexibility of WordPress makes it a good choice for projects as little as restaurant website development, medium size projects like web design for construction companies and larger projects like ecommerce.

  1. WordPress is free to use

WordPress is free. That’s a good thing about using WordPress for projects with limited budgets. However, you must be careful, as you may need some plugins for your website that are not free.

What are the WordPress disadvantages?

Now, we will take you through the cons of WordPress.

  1. ٌWordpress is not much customizable

In contrast with the flexibility that  WP provides, it is not a customizable CMS. If you need to make some changes on the themes or plugins, you must have a high level of coding knowledge or pay for an experienced developer to do the job for you.

  1. WordPress websites is more vulnerable

WordPress, due to being an open source CMS is an attractive target for hackers and cyber criminals. As such, you must secure your WP website by updating the WP immediately after an update is released and choose the plugins with care, to avoid security risks.

  1. WordPress plugins can cause issues

A WP website needs a bunch of plugins to operate properly. The more plugins you have on your website, the more incompatibility you will face along the way. Besides, some plugins stop working, once you upgrade your WP, which would be a nightmare. On top of that, using many plugins would negatively affect your website loading speed.

  1. WordPress is associated with hidden costs

Even though WordPress is free to use,  there are some hidden costs associated with using it. For instance, there are some plugins that are essential for a website and they are not free. Besides, if you want to make some changes and customization to your themes and plugins, you must pay for hiring a professional developer, as it needs programming and coding knowledge.

  1. WordPress websites come with a lot of essential upgrades

WordPress itself and the plugins and themes must be updated regularly. The more plugins and themes you use on your WP website, the more updates are needed and consequently the more compatibility issues you will be facing. In some cases, some plugins stop working once updated!

Conclusion on WordPress pros and cons

WordPress is a very good tool to build and maintain websites and blogs. It comes with a wide range of user-friendly tools and features that makes website building possible for people with no programming knowledge. However, it comes with some disadvantages that make it not suitable for developing some kinds of websites. Long story short, WP is more appropriate for smaller size websites and blogs, while for projects bigger in size, some other CMS or programming from scratch might be a better idea. Hence, it is highly recommended to deeply understand the needs and requirements for your website and make your choice accordingly.

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