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Yandy Smith Shows Love To Rising Film Producer Corneil Mcintosh



Film Producer Corneil Mcintosh

VH1’s Yandy Smith showed loved to rising film producer/director Corneil Mcintosh on Youtube. You guys have to watch the video and get familiar with Corneil Mcintosh, he owns a production company based in Miami, CEM Digital which operates two major platforms @cemtvnetwork and @cemtvmagazine. The platforms generates $30-40k yearly, with only advertising. Wow! Check @corneilmcintosh out

Yandy Smith is an entertainment manager and entrepreneur. She was born in Harlem. In 2004, she graduated from Howard University and interned at Violator under the mentorship of Mona Scott-Young. In 2005, Yandy met Jim Jones on a private jet charted by Russell Simmons, and left Violator to manage him full-time. In 2006, Jim approached VH1 executives to make a reality show about him, leading to the filming of an 11-minute presentation tape, Keeping Up with the Joneses, produced by Stefan Springman and Toby Barraud of Eastern TV. VH1 were unsure if audiences would be invested in the concept full-time, and Yandy approached Mona to retool the show, and the concept was tweaked to include Jim’s girlfriend Chrissy and her circle of friends, becoming what would be later known as Love & Hip Hop.

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